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  • Woodfield Primary School
    My position as Office Manager requires me to produce and update risk assessments for a whole range of school based activities; a task that is becoming more and more time read more >

  • A Wright | Plover Primary School
    As Acting Head Teacher at Plover Primary School in Doncaster I was asked if I would trial a new website dealing with the ever increasing demand of producing school risk read more >

  • Adwick Washington Infant School
    The system was easy to use and the risk assessments were already written. Whenever we needed advice or guidance, there was always someone on the other end of the phone to help. read more >

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Welcome to school risk assessments

Schools Risk Assessments provides a quick, easy and efficient online software package that aids you in writing, storing and updating your risk assessments.

With our online system we aim to provide a service, not simply an end product. We make it as easy as possible for you to carry out your risk assessments, leaving you more time to carry out your primary job role. School Risk Assessments offer a system that can help you with risk assessments around; Building works, Caretaker duties, Non-Teaching responsibilities & Environment assessment (E.G. School Ponds, Science labs, Snow and Ice etc)


  • Pre Populated Risk Assessments - Our unique system has a base of pre populated partially completed Risk Assessments.
  • Part of Safeguarding - Our aim is simple; make schools a safer place for people to work, visit and study in.
  • Risk Assessments Available on Request - We can upload new and additional risk assessments to meet your needs.
  • Time Saving - The system helps to save your valuable time.

  • Traffic Light System - A visual system to indicate to you when a risk assessment is coming up for renewal and when when it becomes void.
  • Auditable Trail - Our system gives you an audit trail that can be tracked back to previous versions.

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We are available to advise on what manner of risk assessment you require simply call us on 01302 260 600 or fill out the enquiry form and we will be happy to help.


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